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Rod Heywood raises money through his sale of fine art photography for worthy projects that help children throughout the world. Beyond the adventure of getting out and capturing beautiful images, he is also passionate about creating an opportunity for both the photographer and the patron to make a tangible difference in the lives of many children and communities. Recent projects assisted include the Jumla Nepal Home for the Blind and the Macedonia Gypsy feeding program. (See the photo album, "Recipients-Where the money goes")

Rod was born in San Francisco, raised in Southern California and has been living on the Central Coast of California since 1992. He is an educator and entertainer (substitute teacher), community service worker, bilingual public speaker, plays guitar and harmonica, and is a writer of songs, motivational literature, and his own third person photographer bios.

Rod is a member of the Independent Photographers-Carmel, the Padre Trails Camera Club, and the Arts Council for Monterey County.

Please see the contact page to order prints or for more information. Thank you!